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Bazoongi Kids 48” Bouncer Camo Pink BZ48CP

# BZ48CP
Bazoongi Kids 48” Bouncer Camo Pink BZ48CP


 Bazoongi Kids Trampolines are fun and a great way for children on the spectrum to improve their vestibular balance and provide great sensory feedback. Trampolines feel good to children with sensory-imbalanced systems because they can provide excellent proprioceptive (awareness of one’s body positions) input and vestibular (how the body responds to movement through space) motion feedback. Jumping and balancing on a trampoline can help physically and sensory integrate the body’s different systems.



  We understand how important it is to carry safe products and each of our mini trampolines are safe for kids and comes with proper safety measures to ensure all fun and no ouchies.



48" Pink Camo Bazoongi Bouncer




This Bazoongi Kids 48 inch Mini Trampoline is the perfect size for your little tot with tons of energy to spare. It is the perfect way to keep your kids active while staying safe and having a good time! With its galvanized steel, rust resistant frame and rubber capped legs, it will not only last through child one and two, it is sturdy and provides the safe, jumping environment that your kids deserve - each day can be a FUN day of jumping! The unique over and under spring design equalizes frame torque and provides a softer bounce. The hand rail creates a safer jumping environment without limiting the fun - the can jump for hours, and you can be at ease that your little one is safe.





Trampoline Features:
• 3.5” Galvanized Springs (30)
• Easy to Assemble Top-rail System
• Rust Resistant Galvanized Steel Frame
• Handle adjust easily to two different sizes
• Over-sized Frame Pad Includes Mounting Straps to Secure Pad











Replacement parts and instructions are available













































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